Non-alcoholic cocktail with zing. Hibiscus Spritz

Hibiscus spritzHibiscus spritz

The non-alcoholic hibiscus aperitif of the Berlin pharmacy brand Dr. Jaglas convinces with multi-layered aromas. The tart sweetness of the hibiscus flowers is accompanied by rosemary, bitter orange, elderberries and vanilla. The finish ends on a fine whiskey note. The aperitif is drunk chilled and is also ideal as a base for fine non-alcoholic drinks such as the "Hibiscus Spritz". Only a few additional ingredients are needed to conjure up this cocktail - so typical of Berlin: anything but restrained, but surprising and sensually intoxicating at the same time.

Ingredients for the hibiscus spritz

3 parts tart hibiscus
1 part tonic water
Juice of ½ lime
Ice cubes

Enjoy the aperitif in a wine glass or tumbler. For the garnish, it's best to use berries or a small sprig of rosemary. And now: Cheers!

Full bodied companion

If you like to nibble something with the aperitif, whether enjoyed neat or as a long drink, chocolate, figs, nuts, or even goat cheese are especially recommended - they highlight the complexity of the Tart Hibiscus even more clearly.