Birth gifts

Unforgettable ideas for the baby and parents

Baby blanket and goose cuddly toyBaby blanket and goose cuddly toy

There is hardly anything more wonderful than the birth of a new human child. As immeasurable as the joy of this unique event is, the gift should be just as special. With care and thoughtfulness, we have put together gift ideas for both the newborn and the parents that will create unforgettable moments full of well-being, pleasure and lightness.

Welcome to life, little miracle. Ideas for the baby

Baby careBaby care

Welcome the new human baby with a special gift that will give him or her wonderful feel-good moments right from the start. Our soft toys made from pure natural materials not only impress with their cuddly qualities, they also give the baby warmth and security. Our certified care products, which contain only natural ingredients, are gentle and kind to the skin. Our skin-friendly clothing provides the necessary freedom of movement to explore the world around you with all its gripping and playing possibilities.

A new life with pleasure and ease. Ideas for parents

French press with coffeeFrench press with coffee

The birth of a child marks the beginning of one of life's most exciting journeys for parents. All attention is lovingly devoted to the new family member. And so that parents can also regularly replenish their own energy reserves, we have put together inspiring gift ideas ranging from soothing body care to fine delicacies and practical utensils for happy family outings, with which you can give mothers and fathers valuable moments full of relaxation, enjoyment and lightness on their new journey.

Soothing body care to relax