EtaProof® jackets and coats

The much praised EtaProof® from the Zurich weaving mill Stotz is a highly functional cotton fabric that not only proves itself in everyday life, but is also appreciated by outdoor outfitters and even polar explorers because of its outstanding properties.

Natural fabric. GOTS certified

The special thing about it is that EtaProof® achieves its weather resistance entirely without synthetic fibers. Its basis is top-quality cotton from controlled organic cultivation. A rare commodity, because 98 percent of global cotton production is still cultivated conventionally. Only the remaining two percent is organic cotton - and the proportion of extra long-staple organic cotton of the quality required for EtaProof ® is just 0.04 percent. The organic cotton used is also GOTS-certified. The globally applied standard for textiles made from organically produced natural fibers incorporates not only environmental aspects but also social criteria along the entire production chain to ensure sustainable manufacturing.

Special yarns, densely woven

These particularly high-quality fibers alone can be used to spin the uniform, only low-twisted and thus supple yarns that are one of the secrets behind the amazing weather resistance of EtaProof®. Several of them are twisted, treated with a natural starch solution and wound onto yarn spools. These twisted yarns are then woven into a fine and particularly dense cloth - in a complex process that requires the utmost precision and many hours of work.

Environmentally waxed

After subsequent dyeing, a fluorocarbon-free wax-based treatment is developed specifically for EtaProof®. This gives the fabric permanent water-repellent properties (also known as DWR or Durable Water Repellency), which means that water drops bead up on the surface. However, if a downpour should penetrate this DWR barrier, the aforementioned supple yarns come into play. They swell up due to the moisture and make the fabric so tight that no water can penetrate. The EtaProof® remains breathable - body moisture can still escape.

Put through its paces

To ensure that the EtaProof® really does meet the high technical and quality requirements, the Stotz weaving mill subjects the fabric to some of the most stringent series of tests in the entire textile industry. Factors such as tear resistance, water repellency, water column and water vapor permeability, among others, are thoroughly tested.