Beech wood. Hard and flexible at the same time

Beech bentwood chairBeech bentwood chair

Beech wood is the wood of various species of the beech genus (Fagus). Industrially, however, it is mainly the red beech (Fagus sylvatica) that is used, which owes its name to the slightly reddish shimmer of its wood. European beech can grow to a considerable size, and its crown is no less imposing. It grows in Europe, Asia and North America in the northern temperate climate zone and is one of the most common deciduous trees in Germany. Since beech wood is a native wood, it has a very good environmental balance.

The properties of beech wood

Hard yet flexible - this was the beech wood with which Michael Thonet succeeded in the 1830s in making furniture using the bentwood technique, i.e. bending the solid wood under the action of steam. Since then, beech wood, which until then had been used mainly as fuel, has become an important raw material for the furniture industry. Due to many other advantages it is used in our products - in furniture, toys as well as kitchen and household appliances: - Beech wood is extremely hard, thus immensely robust and durable. The naturally elastic and flexible wood is ideally suited for the bentwood technique, with which the wood can be bent into almost any shape.

  • Beech wood, being heavy and resistant, has a considerable load-bearing capacity and is therefore very durable. - Thanks to its smooth surface structure, it can be easily treated with oil, wax and varnish for its maintenance and protection. - Beech wood has a light color appearance, which can have slightly yellowish or reddish nuances. In addition, beech wood contributes to a healthy indoor climate, as it can absorb moisture and release it back into the room when humidity is low. - Beech wood burns for a long time and evenly, which makes it ideal for heating and grilling. And since it does not contain resin, it causes hardly any flying sparks.
Care instructions

Since beech wood is not weather-resistant, furniture made of it can be used outdoors only with a protective surface treatment. For daily cleaning, a dry or slightly damp cloth is sufficient. Our professional furniture care products are suitable for care and protection.

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