Ackermann Leather Manufacture. Concentration on the essentials

Ackermann Rugzak van hertenleerAckermann Rugzak van hertenleer

Since the 1980s, the leather manufacturer Ackermann has stood for handcrafted and resource-conserving production. Only high-quality leathers are used there, which are tanned with mineral, vegetable (vegetable) or animal substances (for example fish oil in the case of deerskin) - in German and European tanneries. The designs of Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann are created - Bauhaus says hello - primarily out of function and are also always based on the respective leather and its surface. The result is a clear, timeless design without superfluous details, in which every seam has its functional, fine-artistic justification and the leather can show off all its strengths, including its visual and haptic qualities. The designs are realized by experienced seamstresses in the best handcrafted bag manner. Ackermann manufactures the majority of the articles at its headquarters in Lüneburg, special product lines are made in a Czech partner company.