Nohrd. Wooden sports equipment

Wooden sports equipmentWooden sports equipment

Dominik Kuprecht, who himself comes from a professional rowing background, has been selling the WaterRower in Germany since 1994. The idea of building other virtually wear-free sports equipment from natural, renewable materials quickly germinated and became a vocation. In his sports equipment manufacturer Nohrd, he now develops and manufactures sports equipment that speaks to us "from the soul": durable, well thought-out, multifunctional, sensibly expandable with few accessories - without frills. In addition, they are constructed in such a way that they take up little space at home and also cut a good figure. But not only the equipment, also the production has a showcase character (the doors are always open to visitors): The wood comes from Germany, manufacturing takes place on site, with electricity generated by the company's own photovoltaic systems on the roof, and the manufactory recycles material residues completely in the production cycle.