Forged Stainless Steel Knives from Güde. Professional Cooking Tools

Even today, in its fourth generation, Güde still stands for knives forged and ground to the highest standards, which - often only produced in small quantities - satisfy demanding professionals and ambitious hobby chefs alike. At least 40 manual operations are required to form a Güde knife from one piece of the best chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel. The products not only impress with their long-lasting sharpness and cutting ability, but above all the masterful balance of the knives is unparalleled. Even today, the focus at Güde is on the continuous improvement of what already meets the highest standards. Numerous awards in recent years speak a clear language: traditions and innovations can definitely be reconciled. The Güde knives of the Alpha series, available from us in a classic black design or with handles made of plum wood, are - each in its own right - small masterpieces of knife craftsmanship. Only through the skill and skill of each craftsman involved can the high quality be guaranteed. Why "having something sharpened" has such a negative connotation, we never understood anyway. You will notice it the next time you use a Güde knife, because: you will not notice anything - no resistance. And that is the art.

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