Fermob. French garden furniture par exellence

Fermob in Auvergne has been manufacturing outdoor furniture since 1889. The famous bistro furniture has hardly seen a change in this time - in terms of technology and materials, however, they have always been at the cutting edge. For example, Fermob ensures the most comprehensive rust and color protection possible when painting. Steels and aluminum of only first-class quality are processed, and thanks to the so-called high protection treatment, a piece of garden furniture manufactured by Fermob does not need to be repainted even after prolonged use. In a process developed in-house, the metals are treated against corrosion. Then a special powder is applied electrostatically, which penetrates even into the finest cracks and makes the fresh colors UV-resistant, and baked in the oven at very high temperatures. A cataphoresis treatment (a cathodic dip coating) completes this process. Processed in this way, Fermob furniture can easily overwinter outside and do not require additional protection (they must not be covered with plastic). To clean it is enough to wash with soap and water.