Pants from Hiltl - tailor-made quality for all

Hiltl pantsHiltl pants

Pants have become something so commonplace for most people that they are regarded as a consumer item. Not so at the traditional Upper Palatinate company Hiltl, which has been proving since 1955 that quality at a fair price does not have to tolerate any compromises. Where elsewhere flaws and rapid wear are accepted cheaply, the trouser manufacturer has always relied on quality craftsmanship and the best materials. A pronounced sense of tradition, coupled with a constant eye for the spirit of the times, has meant that Hiltl pants are now highly prized not only by classically oriented customers, but also by trend-conscious buyers. Good work is always fashionable, especially when it fits so well.

Not bigger, but better. Hiltl over the decades.

Fritz Hiltl may not have had any money when he founded his company in 1955, but he did have a vision: pants like those made to measure. Not cut to size, but produced in such a measured way that broader customer groups could also enjoy high-quality pants. With seven tailors and 20 pairs of pants a day, he started production, which was soon able to significantly expand its capacity thanks to orders from the newly founded German armed forces and (somewhat later) the postal service: The state was betting on style. But the trade public was also taken with the company: with the presentation of its first collection in 1958, Hiltl was already making a name for itself as the new benchmark in men's pants. And if you believe the words of the founder, the goal was never to become the biggest in the market. What Hiltl was aiming for was nothing less than perfection, and the growing demand proved him right. In fact, big leaps were never his thing. Instead, he focused on the steady - and we would like to add: moderate - expansion of his company, opened a new, more modern manufacturing building in 1968 and by 1980 already employed 370 people, who at that time were producing 2,000 pairs of pants a day - at that time still exclusively for the discerning European buyer. It was finally his wife Hedwig who, after his death in 1994, focused on expansion beyond the borders of Europe. At the beginning of the new millennium, Hiltl pants first won American buyers' hearts, followed ten years later by success in Asia. Today, fashion-savvy gentlemen from around the world wear Hiltl pants in over 45 countries. Hardly anyone outside Germany can pronounce the name, but who cares? After all, pants shouldn't sound good, they should be comfortable, last a long time and look good. And in these disciplines, Hiltl plays in the top league.

"What we do best." Competence in pants.

The goal of tailored trousers is a perfect fit and maximum wearing comfort - and let's be honest: who doesn't want that? Hiltl proves that tailor-made goods for broader needs can also meet these requirements. Measurements and measurements are sometimes not so far apart - at least if the standards for measurements are as high as those for tailoring. That is why Hiltl continues to limit itself to the production of pants. Because that's what the people from the Upper Palatinate do best, by their own admission.

Drop your pants. The qualities of Hiltl.

The basis of every good pair of trousers is the material, and at Hiltl this comes from specialized European fabric and yarn suppliers, primarily from Italy and Germany. But what also sets the trouser manufacturer apart from the competition are technical details that others have long since eliminated in the face of the prevailing pressure to rationalize: the button fastened by a long and sturdy thread stem that sits firmly in the eyelet buttonhole with crossbar and does not displace any fabric, or the closely stitched seams with four to five stitches per centimeter that produce a particularly flat seam pattern that does not show when ironed. A total of 87 elaborate steps are required to tailor a pair of Hiltl trousers from the best virgin wool from Lombardy or long-staple Flemish linen. The machines on which they are made are therefore special in-house developments that meet the company's high standards. In addition to the attention to detail, however, it is also the company's own signature that distinguishes Hiltl pants: Still based on Fritz Hiltl's original cuts, but creatively adapted to current trends, the models are now often perceived as modern again. A glance at the manufacturer's website and the smart models is enough: Hiltl really does offer tailor-made quality for all target groups.