Panier des Sens. A basket of Mediterranean fragrances

The first perfumes of Panier des Sens were created in Sault, a small village in Vaucluse surrounded by lush lavender fields - some claim the most beautiful in Provence. The Mediterranean landscape, its plants and the Mediterranean Sea also inspire the fragrances of the family-owned company. They are uncomplicated light, fresh creations made from natural extracts and essential oils sourced from the region. Panier des Sens also uses raw materials from the region for its skin care products. The basis of the body care line is natural ingredients such as almond oil, honey and propolis from Provence, as well as shea butter, which, however, is not native to the south of France and is sourced from West Africa. The face care contains peonynextract, clay and rose oil as well as rose and cornflower water.