Knightly toys. From the "armory" Vah

Toy manufactory VahToy manufactory Vah

Once roaming the woods as Wickie or Lancelot, carrying your own sword or axe, lying in wait with bow and arrow - children's dreams that take shape in Dominic Vah's "medieval armory". The woodworking company based in Dollnstein in Upper Bavaria makes weapons and shields from wood that are characterized by careful workmanship and are close to the historical model: Vikings, Celts, Romans, Knights Templar make children's hearts beat faster. Dominic Vah, who took over his parents' company founded in the early 1980s in 2002, thinks his idea of transporting children to another time through to the end. After all, Lancelot needs a protective helmet as well as a sword and shield. So it happens that the master carpenter and his employees also develop appropriate headgear, drinking horns or felt scabbards, which they place alongside the wooden weapons. They obtain the material for this from other specialist companies, but the products are conceived, processed and finalized in Dollnstein.

A question of quality

Dominic Vah uses only local raw materials in his woodworking "armory" out of conviction; ecological and health compatibility as well as toy safety are also important to him. His enthusiasm for woodworking was born in his cradle: If he was able to observe the development of his parents' business from an early age, it seems no surprise that he ultimately decided to become a carpenter. He puts his heart and soul into his work - you can tell that when you meet Dominic Vah. As often as possible, he helps out in production himself, he says, even though this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the increase in sales tasks. Quality is the top priority for the master carpenter. He has great confidence in his employees in this regard, and the atmosphere at Vah is very informal. For Dominic Vah, a good product depends on three factors, he explains: "It's about finding a middle ground between: How is the toy made? How close is it to reality? And how do children like it?" To clarify the last question, Dominic Vah has a reliable testing authority in the house: his own offspring.