Weseta Textil. Lightweight terry with great absorbency

Weseta bathroom textiles made from terry towellingWeseta bathroom textiles made from terry towelling

Genuine terry is a loop fabric made of three thread systems. Warp and weft form the backing fabric, the third thread forms the loop. Because of this loop warp, terry is much more voluminous and absorbent than the only terry-like two-thread - with warp and weft. In three-thread terry, all the threads are usually about the same thickness, but the Swiss weaver Weseta has broken new ground here and keeps the backing fabric of base warp and weft relatively light by using a fine twist for it and putting more weight in the loop in proportion than usual. This results in an overall medium fabric weight of the terry, but its absorbency is just as high as that of heavy terry. And unlike the latter, it also dries faster. These terry towels are made from this very same voluminous, yet relatively lightweight, fulling terry. The cotton is GOTS certified and comes from small farms in Tanzania, where it is spun and traded under fair conditions. The processing of the cotton yarns takes place in all production steps at Weseta in the Glarus Alps, only the dyeing is done by a dyeing plant also located in Switzerland.