Leatherman. Multifunction tool

The idea for a multifunctional tool came to American engineer Tim S. Leatherman in 1968 when his car broke down during a trip to Poland. He developed such a tool between 1975 and 1980 and has been producing it in Portland, Oregon ever since. The successful product called quite a few imitators on the plan, but they are all inferior in quality to the original, which is still produced in the U.S. We have carried the Leatherman® Tools in our assortment for years. Anyone who owns one of these multitools takes it with them on every trip, every hike and every vacation - we can tell you this from our own experience - and some people even carry it with them in their everyday lives. And although the areas of application of the first Leatherman® tools were versatile, Leatherman® has developed them further and added both smaller and larger models to them, adapting them in an even more differentiated manner to the respective areas of application and users. That's why, for example, in addition to the classic Wave+, we can also offer the Surge for crafts and repair or the Signal for outdoor enthusiasts.