Liv interior. Carpets from recycled plastic

Liv interior CarpetsLiv interior Carpets

PET plastic bottles, which are still produced in large quantities but are by no means recycled to this extent, are insensitive, waterproof and durable. This gave Tina and Asad Mirza from the Hamburg design label liv interior the idea of producing carpets from recycled PET (rPET). Because with these properties, their range of use expands many times over compared to carpets made of natural materials such as cotton or virgin wool. They are resistant to moisture, so it doesn't matter if a glass tips over while you're eating. Even when used on balconies and terraces, rPET carpets can withstand a shower without any consequences. They can be wiped clean or, in the case of heavier soiling, washed in a washing machine at up to 40 °C and are dry again in a flash. The feel is also convincing: compared to cotton carpets, your feet will hardly notice any difference. The rPET carpets just seem to be woven a little more tightly and feel amazingly soft. Available as carpet and runner, each in two sizes, as well as mat.