Mayser. High quality hats since 1800

When Leonhard Mayser opened his "Hutmacherey" in Ulm in 1800, he will hardly have guessed that Mayser hats would one day be a global brand, with an annual production of 3.5 million hats in the record year 1963 (still unsurpassed today). Today, the production figures are far lower, but Mayser, which sells its hats in 44 countries, can still call itself a global brand. But the secret of success of the company based in Lindenberg in the Allgäu, the former "Little Paris" of hat fashion, has remained the same over more than two centuries: Quality. While design, purchasing and sales are still based in the Allgäu region, manufacturing was relocated to Slovakia in 2002. Mayser built its own factory there and also qualifies its own staff.