Mühle Rasurkultur. High quality accessories for wet shaving

Not every craft business succeeds in balancing tradition and modernity, but the Mühle shaving brush manufactory has: The company, which is still family-run today, has preserved the traditional knowledge of the craft and, building on this, has built a bridge to new materials, manufacturing methods and contemporary design. The manufacture in the Erzgebirge produces articles for wet shaving, 90% of which are handmade. The heart of the company are still the shaving brushes. The brush maker needs a sure instinct, a steady hand and a good eye to work with the fine badger hair, which is first carefully sorted, balanced to the tenth of a gram and then tapped into shape in the box. With great care, the 20,000 or so hairs are then taken out of the molding box and, without a single hair slipping out of place, are tied firmly into a tassel, which is then cleaned, glued and mounted on the handle of the shaving brush. The brushes are manufactured with just as much care from special synthetic fibers which, like the badger hair pluck, are available in various qualities. Mühle now produces the shaving brushes and razors again in full at the company headquarters in Hundshübel. What is supplied is sourced as far as possible from the region.