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A high level of vertical integration characterizes the Norwegian textile company Røros Tweed. Starting from designs that are created in collaboration with - also international - renowned designers, all production processes, from shearing to weaving, are located in Norway. The fact that Røros Tweed is so consistently committed to purely Norwegian production is also due to its appreciation of regional traditions - but not only. In the beginning, there was a social motivation in Røros, Norway's only mountain town: the industrialist Peder Hiort (1715 to 1789) had stipulated in his will that his fortune be used to purchase wool so that the needy of Røros could weave textiles from it in paid home work.
Røros Tweed is also part of this tradition of responsible action and continues the basic idea of the Hiort Foundation - technically advanced and ecologically minded. For the production, the products are designed and manufactured in such a way that the materials used can be reused and returned to the material cycle. This conserves resources, saves material costs and avoids waste.

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