Rosenrot. Manufacture for natural cosmetics


The natural cosmetics manufacturer Rosenrot may be a comparatively small company, but in relevant circles - those of the "packaging-free devotees" - it is already known as one of the very big ones. This is because the solid shampoos and conditioners, soaps and shower gels from the Baden-Württemberg-based manufacturer are not only effective, but also come entirely without plastic packaging (in theory - in practice, we have opted for the variant in a cardboard box, so that we can also offer our articles in shipping).

This is made possible by our own sophisticated formulas based on certified organic, vegetable and natural raw materials: All oils, plant hydrolates, herbs, glycerine and ethyl alcohol come from controlled organic cultivation. The essential oils also come from certified organic cultivation or are 100% natural. Finally, Rosenrot also produces all plantnextracts in-house and according to its own recipe - naturally in organic quality. Thus, nothing ends up in the finished product that does not belong in it - because kerosenes, parabens, silicones or synthetic preservatives and dyes are taboo - and also the production by hand allows maximum control.