Rostaing gardening gloves

Rostaing garden glovesRostaing garden gloves

Gloves to protect against the cold have been known to man throughout the ages, and even the pharaohs of ancient Egypt wore leather gloves as a symbol of power and their exalted position. In the Middle Ages, a glove presented by a higher authority, such as the emperor or an ecclesiastical dignitary, could be a sign of special favor - if it wasn't the proverbial gauntlet thrown down to someone to challenge them to a duel. Industrial gloves and the knowledge of their manufacture first reached other European countries from France, west of the Rhine the first glove makers' guild was founded as early as the 12th century. Some of our gardening gloves, supplied by the French manufacturer Rostaing, whose origins go back to a tannery that has existed since 1789, are probably part of this tradition. We distinguish among our work gloves for the garden those for the warmer and those for the cooler season. The thorn-proof models with extra-long cuffs are particularly suitable for working in dense undergrowth - although there is also a separate model for rose growers. For work in wet soil or rain-soaked plantations, we offer waterproof gloves made of polyamide. The lightweight gloves that protect against calluses and bruises during prolonged work with a rake or weeder are either made of leather or a specially developed knitted fabric. All our gardening gloves share a good fit and are designed with little or no restriction on finger movement.

Rostaing. In France since 1789

The gloves of the French manufacturer Rostaing have a reputation for providing maximum comfort to its user. Origin of the family business, located in the Rhône-Alpes region, was a tannery founded in 1789. In the history of the company, now more than two hundred years, has grown a number of production sites abroad. The gloves we have selected for our range therefore no longer come from France, but are produced at company-owned sites in Morocco and South Korea.

The all-rounder.

Garden glove leather

A breathable glove made of full-grain cowhide that is very comfortable to wear and ideal for working in flower and vegetable beds. It also protects the hands during the more elaborate activities - when planting holes are to be dug, trees or shrubs are to be planted or pruned back. The outer material is water repellent. The extended cuffs are edged and on the back of the hand also ensures a wide, internal elastic band that the glove fits snugly.

37,90 €

The scratch resistant.

Gardening glove leather long cuff

This glove comes with extra-long cuffs that protect the hands and additionally the forearms when working in scrub, roses or nettles. The supple leather is waterproof and hardly restricts the movement of the fingers. Made of cowhide, with cuffs of cowhide split leather in suede look. Made in Morocco.

44,90 €

The water repellent.

Work glove waterproof

Rostaing produces this glove in polyamide as a waterproof and washable alternative to gloves made of more delicate material. It is not suitable for heavy work in the garden, but for all planting and maintenance work that (must) take place in rainy weather and in damp or wet soil. We also recommend this model for all those manual activities around the garage, house and yard, which are associated with wetness and dirt. Carrier material made of 100% polyamide, nitrile foam coating. The short cuffs are trimmed with a plastic band, a cuff with elastic also ensures a good fit. Made in South Korea.

13,90 €

The dexterous one.

Work glove goatskin

The manufacturer Rostaing recommends this lightweight glove especially for work in the flowerbed: cutting stems for the vase, removing withered plants, removing weeds. Also, when repotting balcony and houseplants, the soft, supple goatskin leather allows hands all the freedom of movement. The leather is mixed tanned, but - for the good of the environment - not additionally bleached, and thus retains its natural color. All seams are reinforced by the use of polyamide threads. An internal elastic band at the wrist ensures a good fit of this glove.

32,90 €

The garden glove for more freedom of movement.

Rose grower glove

Thornproof, this glove is thanks to its thick, roughened overlay of latex; it is nevertheless supple and does not restrict the freedom of movement of the hands. 100% cotton, latex coating.

9,90 €