Stapf stands for first-class Tyrolean fulling and knitting fashion - and has done so since 1958. The company, named after its founder Richard Stapf, is now run by Kathrin and Sebastian Proft. A few years ago, the two took over the company, which was on the verge of going out of business, and breathed new life into it. They invested a lot of imagination and energy in the project, as the aim was to preserve the tried and tested elements of the traditional business and to supplement them with new and innovative ideas.

Violence in Wörgl

The production of all fabrics is still done traditionally at the headquarters in Wörgl - as it has been since the company was founded: The yarns are knitted on circular and flat knitting machines and then washed or milled in large roller drums using pure water and as much renewable energy as possible in a resource-conserving manner. The fact that this is done with the greatest possible transparency is also evident from the fact that the profts invite interested visitors to drop by on site. So if you are in the vicinity and are interested in the production, you are very welcome there.

Pure nature

Stapf works exclusively with natural materials, more precisely: sheep's wool and cotton, without the addition of dyes or softeners. Even the buttons mostly do without plastics: They are usually made of wood, horn and metal or recycled coffee grounds. The garments are made up within Europe. This is currently done in partner companies in Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine. The Profts maintain a personal relationship with each individual company.

Innovation meets tradition

Stapf clearly positions itself against the fast pace of the fashion industry - and one way to achieve this desired longevity are the timeless cuts. Newly thought-out and in some cases completely reworked, they blend traditional and modern elements. From the customer's point of view, this results in unique garments that will accompany their wearers for many years.