X47 Organizational Systems. Smart, but analog

The X47 of the former management consultant Matthias Büttner arose quite tangibly from Büttner's appointment-filled and sociable professional practice and has grown in recent years into a well thought-out system of possibilities and combinations. Appointments, addresses, notes, etc. find their place in individual booklets, which can be fastened by means of a bar in spring rails in the spine fold of the leather cover.

First of all, this has the advantage that the cover filled in this way is much slimmer than a ring binder, where a "minimum thickness" is given by design (namely that of the ring mechanism itself plus the thickness of the cover). It also has the advantage that the inserts remain usable and writable almost all the way to the center of the binder. And last but not least, it has the advantage that the individual "subsystems" (annual calendar, monthly planner, weekly planner, notebooks with different rulings) can be rearranged for the current day's needs in just a few steps: Whether the annual, monthly or detailed weekly calendar is needed for the day ahead (or even all three), which rulings the note paper should ideally have today (are sketches or written notes on the agenda?) or whether a logbook should be carried along, can be decided just as quickly as implemented - and, in contrast to the logic of the ring binder, easily in entire functional units. You therefore only carry around what you actually need - today, but also tomorrow, when the requirements may be completely different.

We offer the X47 in various forms: On the one hand, there is the organization system in two more or less opulent (and correspondingly less expensive) versions in A5 up to the more or less minimalist small edition in A6. On the other hand, there is the note and calendar cover, which is reduced in its functionality, and where you can also choose between A5 and A6, each with two or three mechanisms.