Zeha Berlin. Young shoe manufacturer with history

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Zeha is over one hundred years old and yet young at the same time. Named after the initials of its founder Carl Häßner, the company became the shoe brand of choice among Berlin's bohemians in the 1920s. In the days of the GDR, the company, which operated under the name "VEB Spezialsportschuh Hohenleuben", was primarily known for its handmade sports shoes and even became the outfitter for the GDR Olympic team - the Zeha sports shoes, handmade from good materials, could fully compete with their Western counterparts. After reunification, the company had to file for bankruptcy - the Zeha chapter seemed to be over. However, when Alexander Barré from Berlin came across old Zeha shoes at a friend's house, he decided to revive the brand in 2002, initially by selling the rare remaining stock. In addition, he secured the brand rights and began production again in 2003 based on old models, catalogs, cuts and shoes. Today he manufactures in Portugal carefully crafted sports shoes, low shoes and ankle high shoes.