Specialist in hand braided leather. Allan K

The Belgian label Allan K is considered a specialist for bags and shoes made of hand-braided leather. Founder Alain Kadic sums up the passion for his company and the products in one sentence: "Braided leather is in my DNA." No wonder, since the company's genesis dates back to the 1960s, when his father Ivan Kadic, an engineer with an inventive spirit, developed a spiral cutter that could cut a narrow strip several hundred meters long from a leather hide. Many of his inventions, including an automatic leather weaving machine, soon find their way around the world.

Classic craftsmanship. Lived tradition

In the 1980s, Alain Kadic, now an engineer himself, followed in his father's footsteps and followed the trail of the machines to India. Here, the craft of leather weaving has a long tradition. After working with various leather weaving companies for several years, he finally founded the Allan K brand in 2012 and from then on had his designs manufactured in Madras. The timeless-classic shoes and bags made of woven and braided leather are created there in elaborate handwork, depending on the model, this can take up to five days. The leather for this is still cut on the machines that his father developed in his time.

The bags and shoes from Allan K, which you will find in our assortment, are made of supple, grippy buffalo leather. It is one of the most robust and durable types of leather and is characterized by its distinctive grain pattern. In terms of color, the bands cut from the leather nuance slightly, so together with the visible grain structure and the braided patterns, a lively surface is created that makes each piece unique.