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Les Racines du CielLes Racines du Ciel

On the western tip of the Breton peninsula lies the department of Finistère, which, according to its name from Roman times, is the end of the earth. For the Bretons, on the other hand, it is "Penn ar Bed," the beginning of the world - a reading that does far more justice to the brand "Les Racines du Ciel," founded by Nathalie Goyette and Christian Tournafol and based in Quimper. On the one hand, its beginning lies in the fact that the two have been producing elegant, feminine and timeless women's fashion with high quality standards since 2005. On the other hand, it also lies in the fact that it is Les Racines du Ciel's declared entrepreneurial goal to promote artisanal traditions and products and thus to preserve jobs in impoverished rural areas. The choice of production sites is correspondingly.

Les Racines du Ciel women's fashion