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Menard jewelryMenard jewelry

Gisela and Detlef Menard from Steinfurt in Westphalia started out on their own in 1981 with the sale of antique-style jewelry. In the early 1990s, they added a new line to their range, characterized by simpler elements. The philosophy of the company with the subtitle "Passé & Aktuell": In the search for the new, do not disregard the old. For example, Menards make use of proven manufacturing locations such as Pforzheim, where the main part of the collection has been made for more than 20 years - a few pieces come from workshops in European neighbors. They have several reasons for their decision not to move production to Asia (unlike many other manufacturers). In addition to the "excellent training in craftsmanship," Menards believes that the quality, short distances and strict environmental regulations in Germany are particularly decisive factors. "We understand sustainability as a holistic concept and challenge," they explain. This also includes increasingly sourcing raw materials from sustainable sources.

Menard jewelry