Espresso machines from ECM. Designed entirely for taste

ECM espresso machinesECM espresso machines

At ECM in Neckargemünd near Heidelberg, espresso machines are built with the aim of accommodating the performance of the large bar machines in a housing that does not require any kitchen conversion or expansion. Behind this is a technical concept based on the system developed 70 years ago by the Italian company Faema, whose E61 from 1961, equipped with this system, already caused a sensation at the time. The E61 was the first machine to successfully transfer the mechanics of a hand lever machine with a pre-infusion piston system to a pump-operated machine. Pre-infusion is the pre-moistening and swelling of the espresso grounds. In this process, the required amount of hot water is initially fed only as far as the brewing chamber and the aroma substances in the coffee are dissolved even before the actual extraction begins and the water is forced through the portafilter at a pressure of about 9 bar. Into the cup flows a flavor-balanced espresso with a perfect crema. (Plan on a little patience, practice and the odd portion you might have to discard for this experience.) ECM has refined the technology of this legendary brew group in recent years and has patented the novel stainless steel brewing bell. The manufacturer produces its household machines near Milan. There, a lot of manual work still goes into the production of the portafilter machines.